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Cruzer Lite Introduces The Coolest Silicon Android Cases We’ve Ever Seen

There’s a new case company in town and it’s not from California or New York, they’re from Nashville Tennessee. So what makes a case so cool we’d call it the coolest silicon Android case we’ve ever seen, well it’s an Android of course.

Joel the creator of Cruzerlite cases has created a new kind of Silicon case starring our favorite little green robot that most of us call “Andy”. Because the Android character falls under the creative commons license and we’ve seen adaptations on hats, t-shirts, beanies, toys, and more, Cruzerlite slapped him on some Android cases.

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Cruzerlite has all the top Android devices covered like the HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Bionic, Droid Razr and more. Cruzer will be at the Android Homcoming next month and they’ll be giving away a Galaxy Nexus. For now though get your awesome new Android case in the design of your choice From Amazon here!


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