Check Out Philips’ Android Docks

Philips has been making a name for themselves in the iPod/iPhone dock world for the past few years. They manufacture music and audio docks for iPods at an affordable price, that sound great. Last year, leading up to CES 2011 we were hoping we would see some Android specific docks, and Philips came through over the summer.

Philips four Android docks run the gamut in pricing and features.

Philips has a large boombox style dock that retails for $199. They have a smaller version of that dock for the bedside as well. Philips also has an alarm clock dock and another more contemporary flatter Android dock.

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All four Android docks have micro-usb connectors that slide, rotate and swivel to accommodate any style of Android phone, no matter where the microusb cord may be.

Now there is one scenario where the phone is still fully operational but looks a little silly and that’s when you have a device whose manufacturer put the micro-usb connector on the top. Some of the original Samsung Galaxy S models, including the Captivate and the Fascinate.

Philips has gone feet first into Android this year releasing the four docks in 2011, new Android cases and Android headsets.

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