CES–What Is It Really All About?

There has been a bunch of articles and/or blog post going around right now about why CES doesn’t matter any more from the likes of Mike Elgan or MG Siegler. Everyone points to the fact that Apple isn’t there any more and this’ll be the last year for Microsoft. However, that is why CES DOES matter. It matters for the clones of the MacBook Air, and the iPhone. It matters because we’ll be able to see what these companies who are living year to year have to go against the MacBooks and iPhone.

We see Toshiba coming out with a competitor to the MacBook Air with their own Ultrabook which they claim with be the thinnest one at the 13” size. Along with that, they’ll be releasing another Thrive this time the tablet will be 10.1” and only 7.7mm thick.

We’ll get to see Microsoft give their last keynote in which they’ll show off products set to release in 3 years in which like every other time will never release. The major news of the Next-Gen Xbox 360 was leaked to be revealed at e3 later this year.

We get to see HTC release a bunch of Sense built phones in hopes of saving which is now a down time for them that started in the 3rd Quarter of last year. They have great devices, but horrible OS since they’ve bailed on Android months/years ago.

Motorola will have their booth 5 times to big like last year to show off what we’ve already seen. Google will also be here, having 4 booths of their own is what I’ve been told. Or is it just under the name Motorola and will instead just be Google since they own them?

RIM will be present with another fail attempt to revive the Playbook which they hoped would go after the iPad. Except they forgot that part of the reason of getting a tablet is to make it easier to reply/read emails which still isn’t available on the Playbook. Or developers who want to produce Applications for said device.

But if you where still missing Apple don’t worry Samsung is here to rescue you. With the Samsung iPhone, I mean Galaxy phones, Apple fans can still see what new, scratch that, Samsung just stay home we’ll wait for iWorld or WWDC to see what Apple is doing.

So yes, CES is meaning to those who live East of Vegas who are having to deal with sub 50 degree weather as an excuse to come West towards the heat. Also to see if these companies can stay ahead of Apple. Who am I kidding with this, CES is a joke. Mobile World Congress, Google I/o, Apple WWDC and e3 are what matters. We’ll see the Keynote everyone is going to forget in two months. We’ll see clones of the MacBook Air/Pro and the iPhone(Samsung I’m looking at you here, since you copied the look can you copy the upgrade time in days not years like you do?) but more importantly what we’ll see is a bunch of Apple like products.

While yes, my first CES trip last year I was looking forward to, this year I’m looking forward to leaving on Friday knowing that the biggest joke is over with.