CES 2012: Waterproof Any Android Phone With Liquipel

One of the coolest new companies at CES 2012 this year in Las Vegas, NV is called Liquipel. Liquipel solves a great pain point for many mobile phone users. Liquipel is a water proof coating company that actually coats your Android or iPhone device without having an external case.

A lot of people actually prefer to not use any case at all and stay true to their phone. They are usually more careful than some of us more clumsy folks that would kill a phone if it wasn’t for our Speck Products cases on most of our phones.

Liquipel is perfect for those people, no matter how careful they are, they can’t prepare for a sudden rain storm, flash flood or monsoon (LOL).

That’s where Liquipel comes in. This southern California based company. The microscopic coating protects your phone at the molecular level. As you can see in the video it completely protects the device from water, even in cases where it’s submerged.

The only downsides to Liquipel is that, at this point you need to send your phone in to them for the coating. While the process itself takes about 30 minutes you could be down without your phone for 5 days. You could potentially solve this problem by sending your brand new phone in before you switch phones.

It’s $59 for the coating but in the long run that’s a lot less than replacing a phone in contract.  Liquipel guarantees the coating, but as their representative explains in the video, they can’t guarantee the phone itself.