CES 2012: Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan Talks About Vlingo For The Smart TV

Since the start of the Android company, Massachusetts based Vlingo has been making millions of Android device owners happy with a virtual assistant. Vlingo actually hit the market two years before Siri.

Now, Vlingo wants to take their personal virtual assistant technology from Android phones to connected TV’s. This is like the Xbox Kinnect tv controller on over drive.

Vlingo’s new Virtual Assistant For Smarter TV’s, allows the user to use their natural voice and simple commands to discover, and search for video content from multiple sources. As Dave Grannan, Vlingo’s CEO tells us in the video with the new virtual assistant can search a users Netflix account, home dvr, cable channels, over the air channels and other video content. Then it can play the content, pause, rewind, fast forward and so much more.

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Here are just some of the things you can do with your voice and your TV using Vlingo’s new Virtual Assistant for Smarter TV:

 Browse and find: Users can search and discover content by actor, genre or director using

Vlingo’s newly developed dialogue manager which engages users with interactive browsing

 Watch shows: “Watch the Price is Right” or “Find western movies starring Clint Eastwood”

 Record programs: “Record Modern Family tonight at 8pm” or “Record the game on ESPN next

Monday night at 9pm”

 Rent and buy movies: “Rent The Fighter on Netflix” or “Play Rocky Four ondemand”

 Basic controls: “Switch to ondemand”, “Put on ESPN”, “Go to Netflix” or “Turn up the volume”

 Social media communication: “Facebook update: Joe is watching Lost on Hulu”

Check out the video of our interview with Grannan



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  1. How about making vlingo optional on my samsung galaxy s2 instead of rudely interrupting me when I dock my phone or double-click the home button.

    That really is appalling behaviour.

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