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CES 2012: The 7″ Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Elijah Broke

At CES 2010 (2 years ago) the show was rampant with Chinese and European “M.I.D’s” which were for lack of better words, really bad excuses for Android tablets. Most ran Android 1.6 and had resistive touch screens that when compared to today’s Android tablets, you had to punch in order to make something happen on the touch screen.

This year it seems that some of those manufacturers have returned. This time they have raised the bar a little, with capacitive touch screens and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now the easiest way to spot one of these tablets is it’s lack of the Android Market and lack of official Google apps.

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In fact at one point in late 2010 one of those MID’s was pulled from K-Mart for having unauthorized access to both the Android Market and the Google Apps. Google has to approve your hardware in order to have those features on board.

We stumbled across a whole line of these market less Android tablets by a company called Klu. We were delighted to find another 7″ Android tablet running ICS but as you can see in the video, that didn’t work out very well. After navigating through some of the home screens our apps editor, Elijah seems to have broken the device.

Oh Well.

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