CES 2012: Send A Postcard From Your Phone With Postcards On The Run

Have you ever taken a picture with your Android phone before and wanted to turn it into an actual photograph or a postcard? Well if you’re like most of us you may have thought a hard copy of the photo was a great idea and a postcard would be even better but in the hustle and bustle lives we live, we forgot. And then, it was too late?

That’s where Postcards On The Run comes in. Backed by Disney Channel Princess, Pop Star and the better half to Mr. J. Biebs, Selena Gomez, Postcards On The Run allows you to take photos from your phone and turn them into postcards.  Once you download the app, pay a very small fee and upload your photo, Postcards On The Run takes care of the rest.

Postcards On The Run prints your post card, types your message and sends it through the regular U.S. mail. Your friends and loved ones will get your postcard to hang on their refrigerator in a few short days.

Brent talks with the Postcards On The Run team at CES 2012 in a new area called Eureka Park, home to start ups.