CES 2012: Photographer’s Check Out These New Tripods From Vanguard

While at CES waiting for someone with either the PR company for Tiffen, or someone from the company to step up since Anya never showed up or call/text/email to let me know she was running late, we went right to Vanguard to demo and find out more about their products.  We where able to sit down with Jody from Vanguard about one their latest Tripods, this one being Abel.

With its legs adjust to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles with an ergonomic release button near the top extending could never be easier. With support for cameras with large zoom lenses the ability to take those photos from far without having to worry about disturbing what you are viewing. As well as with having a magnesium die-cast construction worrying about your Tripod breaking is a thing of the past.