CES 2012: MadCatz Brings New MLG Gaming Controller To Showstoppers


Here at TheDroidGuy, outside of Android, we have another love. That my friends, is the world of gaming. Gaming on mobile, console gaming, PC gaming–we don’t discriminate. Tonight at Showstoppers, we found a few stand-out products for specifically Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Sony’s Playstation 3.

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The product we’re going to cover today is the MLG gaming controller from MadCatz. MadCatz has been making video game controllers since I’ve been playing, and their latest addition to the lineup is sure to do nothing short of impress. Teaming up with MLG, Madcatz has made a controller with so much extra thought, even the pros can’t find something they left out. The controller has changeable faceplates and grip-plates, giving users whatever look they choose. On the back end the controller has a rope wire that screws into the back, so when users wrap their cords around the controller it isn’t straining the connection into the back. Every single joystick and d-pad can be removed as well, leaving a slot for replacing or switching what was originally there. The MLG controller comes with both Xbox and Playstation joysticks and d-pads, so you can swap them out at any time. This gives players complete control of how their controller feels and looks. MadCatz even put a small compartment on the bottom of the controller where an artificial battery pack filled with 2 AA batteries worth of weights, so players can use the controller at the weight they are used to. If you think this is too little difference to notice, try it yourself. Awesome. The MadCatz MLG gaming controller is available for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, retailing at $99 in the US.

CES 2012 has been great, and this is just one of the accessories we wanted to highlight from Showstoppers. Be sure to continue following TDG for the best CES coverage, and check back for more games, accessories, and of course, Android news and reviews.

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