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CES 2012 LIVE: Gametel – Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller


Gametel was showing off their Bluetooth gaming controller today at Unveiled, and it really wowed us. The controller is completely wireless, and connects to Android devices via Bluetooth, but has a small arm that tightly grips your Android device in place. This design mirrors the look of the slide-out controls of the Xperia Play, but actually feels a little better in the hand. On top of that, you can completely detach your device when you’re not playing games, meaning you don’t have to deal with¬†unnecessary thickness all the time.

The Gametel controller can also work with tablets because it’s Bluetooth, so you really can use it with any Android device. The battery life should last you 9 hours, and any Android gamer should look to picking one up when it comes to the US. Be sure to check out our hands-on with the controller in the video above.

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