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CES 2012: Live Blog: Sony Press Conference

5:53pm Here have some more



5:40pm Sony working on 4K TV and have Blu Ray players with high end 4K capabilities

5:33pm new resolution called 4K

5:36pm the new Walkman Zed is Android based with access to the Android market. Here have a picture

5:35pm New Walkman coming from Sony

5:33pm Nw SS AR2 speakers coming soon

5:33PM Molyneaux is unveiling Tablet P

5:28PM Phil Molyneaux on stage now

5:24pm the Sony Xperia Ion

5:22pm Xperia Ion is Sony’s first LTE smartphone and on the AT&T network

5:21pm: Sony Ericsson to be known as Sony Mobile Communications, strengthening ties with Sony Consumer Electronics

5:17pm: Now we’re talking Vita

5:16pm: Talking about Play Memories on the computer and mobile (Android/iPhone) new Pay Memories studio turns your Playstation 3 into a photo/video editor

5:14pm: Sony Music Unlimited will be available on Play Station Vita from day 1 one on US and European launch


5:12PM: Showing of music unlimited on multiple devices

5:10pm: Music Unlimited offers content to all connected Sony devices. Unlimited access to a global catalog of over 12 million songs.  Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden added to Music Unlimited with a total of 13 countries

5:09PM: Sony Entertainment Network across multiple devices and formats with one user idea and one wallet

5:07PM: Sony’s deputy of product is now on stage

5:05PM: We’re going to see Sony Tablet P. Stringer says that Sony Tablet S is being well received


4:59PM we are starting now, and I stole this picture idea from Nilay at theverge

4:55PM: time to put on the 3D glasses

4:54pm: Daughtry is on the PA and some lady with a British accent (who’s been telling us what to do for an hour) has said they will start in five minutes.

4:48PM: Hot Chelle Rae is on the sound system at the Sony Press Event. You can also hear them on TDGN on Slacker Radio here have a link:

4:41 PM:

Brent, Thedroidguy, Allie, Nilay and Ross From The Verge At Sony Press Conference photo: TDG LLC

4:39PM: Nilay just blogged on that “Miranda Lambert misses someone, she’ll be ok” He had to ask TDG’s Allie Fox was it Taylor Swift…

4:35pm: We are sitting next to Ross and Nilay from TheVerge in the front row

4:32PM This is mostly Sony consumer electronics however as we know Sony is splitting apart from Sony Ericsson to produce phones in house. We are expecting their first Ice Cream Sandwich dual core Android phone in just a few

We are ready to Roll


4:29PM Wow it’s crowded

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