CES 2012: Geeks Your Kids Will Love This: Cubelets By Mod Robotics

The erector set has stepped into the next century with a new product by Mod Robotics called Cubelets. Cubelets are a modular building block robotic construction kit for kids.  Mod Robotics is targeting kids aged 8 and up but at they explain to us in the interview younger kids have enjoyed cubelets as well.

All kids like to start with putting blocks together. One of the reason brick blocks like Lego’s or Megablocks are so popular is because kids like “clicking” them together. Cubelets allows you to “click” together blocks like children are used to, however the nearly 30 different blocks are divided into three important categories Sense Blocks, Action Blocks and Think Blocks.

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Some blocks have motorized wheels, others can be controlled by light, motion and proximity, while other blocks block communication.  Each block has a different function which allows the constructed robot to do different things.

As kids use the cubelets longer they realize what each block does and have come up with some wild stuff.

Check out the video for a brief description and to see Cubelets in action. This is actually one of the coolest things we saw at CES this year.


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