CES 2012: CourseSmart Brings eTextbooks To The Masses

CourseSmart is a company that is fueling the future of higher learning with e-textbooks. CourseSmart has signed deals with all of the major textbook publishing companies (roughly 90%) to bring students everywhere into a world of ¬†something we would like to call “one device-multiple textbooks”.

The company allows users to rent and stream from the cloud textbooks that major colleges require for about 60% less than buying a hard copy. Now when I say rent, I mean rent, but the rent time is the amount of time it takes for a student to get through the class, so you won’t have to worry about paying multiple times for the same course. With apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Android tablets, CourseSmart has really opened a door for users to use their electronic devices to better their education in school.

The different CourseSmart apps do everything you would expect them to: you can highlight selected text, take notes on the selected text, bookmark, pickup reading on a new device where you left off on another, and even print your notes for easy-access. CourseSmart also allows you to view all of your highlights on one, centralized page, so users can quickly cram everything they need for a test without having to flip through a bunch of pages.

CourseSmart has really put the complete eTextbook package together, and has even licensed with LMS so students can rent books directly through their online schedules and systems provided by the schools. CourseSmart is looking to make the lives of students everywhere easier, and have really started to do so with their latest library additions and app releases. Be sure to check them out in the Android Market and at www.CourseSmart.com, and stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more CES and post-CES coverage.C