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CES 2012: Check Out The I’m Watch

Smart wearable devices are becoming a popular category this year. Although the Apple iPad Nano was introduced with the ability to go into a wrist watch holder, other Android watches have been bubbling in development longer. The Meta Watch, WIMM module and now the I’m Watch are three of those Android options.

The I’m Watch comes from Italy and is available in three different lines that range from moderately expensive to expensive and then holy smokes expensive (but very nice).¬† Although the watch body styles change the actual hardware remains the same.

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I’m Watch is running a tweaked version of Android 1.6. The folks at I’m Watch have created a bunch of great apps to release the watch with including time keeping apps, Facebook and Twitter apps, weather, news and more. Most of the apps function like widgets on a traditional full sized Android device.

I’m Watch has a developer program available where developers can create new I’m Watch apps from scratch or take their existing apps and make them compatible with the smaller profile.

The I’m Watch has a 3g radio in it capable of syncing with your phone some how and actually making calls. Everything on the I’m Watch happens via 3G or BlueTooth, as the I’m Watch folks explain, WiFi drains too much battery.

Out of the three watches we’ve actually seen it seems that Meta Watch and WiMM are still very much in a developer centric mode. The I’m Watch on the other hand is just about ready to start shipping. They are currently working on distribution deals in the United States. They hope to have them available to general consumers and in retail outlets by Q2.

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