CES 2012: Businesses Meet CVISION Technologies

CVISION Technologies has been a leader in document and workflow management since 2005. This year at the International Consumer Electronics Show CVISION’s Marketing Director, Chris Koulouris was talking about what CVISION does and their new mobile initiatives that are fueled by funding from the National Science Foundation.

CVISION has a technology solution for just about every type of paper document workflow that can be converted to digital. CVISION’s core technologies center around recognition, pdf management, and workflow management. Basically if there’s a paper document for something there can be a digital solution as well and CVISION is there to find it.

CVISION has now incorporated camera generated optical character recognition (OCR) so that CVISION customers can take a picture of a document and CVISION can convert it to a digital document in the proper size with the proper fonts, and integrity in place.

Koulouris said “We are very excited at the opportunity to attend the 2012 International CES and exhibit some of our newest products. Our mobile recognition technology can improve the functionality of smartphones and tablets, allowing users to receive instant, real-time information.”

Check out our quick interview with Koulouris at Eurka Park at CES

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