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Call of Duty’s ELITE App Updated For ICS Support

Call of Duty® ELITE

Today Activision released their very first DLC for the popular first-person-shooter, two new maps to compliment their stellar multiplayer experience. Along with this, they have updated their Android app, which is honestly just a port of their iOS app, to support some new features and fix some bugs.

While ELITE may be a great idea, Activision has had some trouble executing it, especially in the beginning, but that is expected. They have finally gotten all of their apps released and updated, and ELITE is looking to really prove its worth with these DLC additions. The DLC is on Xbox first, but Activision has had no favorites in the mobile OS arena. Their ELITE app allows you to change your in-game classes, view your challenges, and track your stats such as wins and K/D ratio. Now with the update, they support ICS and have improved scrolling throughout the app. Whether your an ELITE premium subscriber or not, you should definitely pick the app up if you are a Call of Duty fan. The full list of updates is as follows:

What’s in this version:

  1. Implemented remaining resolution support
  2. Resolved issue with users just seeing logo and not login screen
  3. Improved scrolling
  4. Added support for ICS


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