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Big Blue Bubble Launches Steam Punk Style Hit Dark Incursion On Android

While many people would hope that Steam Punk would stay “underground” Captain Robert of Abney Park told Thedroidguy in September this year that he would love to see Steam Punk take off.

Steam Punk music is starting to take off, as is the post apocalyptic style of art, fashion and innovation. Steam Punk style is making it’s way onto the mobile device in some really hot games like Gaslight and now Dark Incursion.

The creators of the mega hit “Burn The Rope”, Big Blue Bubble, have brought this side scrolling Steam Punk and “Metroidvania” style game from iOS to Android.

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Dark Incursion takes place in an alternate reality in the 1800’s. You are Anya, one of only a few who knows where a secret bunker is where scientists are bioengineering soldiers to help turn the tide in the war.

Here are some of the features of Dark Incursion:

·         Stereoscopic 3D using classic Red/Blue 3D glasses!

·         Countless enemies from super soldiers to monstrous creatures!

·         Customizable bio weaponry with hundreds of deadly combination!

·         Intriguing story!

·         Fantastic Steam Punk art style!

Download it now for $2.99 in the Android Market



Written by Cassandra Holly

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