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Best of 2011 – Carrier: T-Mobile

Call me absolutely ridunkulously crazy but for our Best of 2011’s we’re giving the carrier award to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has undoubtedly been through a lot this year. After it was announced in March that AT&T was planning to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion dollars the news rocked the country and cleared out T-mobile stores nationwide.

Despite all this T-Mobile kept pumping out great Android phones like the MyTouch 4G Slide, The HTC Sensation, The HTC Amaze and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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T-Mobile  ramped up their Android smartphone effort because they were the only carrier that didn’t get the iPhone.

T-Mobile has always welcomed innovation. Remember they were the first carrier to give Andy Rubin a chance his first time around with the Danger Hiptop which became the blockbuster hit “Sidekick” for T-Mobile in the early part of the millennium.

T-Mobile went head to head with 4G roll out. Now we know some of you die hards (that even live in 2g only areas) are going to say that HSPA+ is not 4G but T-Mobile’s HSPA+ can definitely stand up to WiMax in most areas and even blow it away. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is also faster in most places than AT&T’s HSPA+.

T-Mobile did a great job of covering millions of people with their 4G blanket.

T-Mobile didn’t slow down in their fun department either they threw a bunch of great press and user parties in 2011. When they released their G2X and G-Slate devices they celebrated with bi-coastal parties for media, fans in customers.  The New York party featured Carly the lovely T-Mobile spokesmodel.  Thedroidguy and Editor at Large Cameron Wright attended the New York, beach themed party. Our West Coast Editor Brent Fishman rubbed elbows with rapper Romeo and other celebrities at the Los Angeles event.

Carly and T-Mobile continued to produce great commercials including their 4G wonderland and a staged flash mob of hundreds of women in maroon dresses for a holiday greeting. T-Mobile also continued to bring out the fun and games at conventions with photo booths and a kick ass collection of limited edition shirts.

For customers, T-Mobile introduced the new $49/each unlimited family plan. Of course their data gets throttled at 2gigs but the phones they released in 2011, despite their hard year because of the proposed merger, our best of 2011.

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