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Beats & Monster Breaking Up,What About HTC?

When Dr. Dre started off his musical career his first big group was the World Class Wrecking Crew. After that he joined hands with the Easy E and Ren and Ice Cube with NWA. After a very public break up of NWA, Dr. Dre joined forces with Snoop Doggy Dogg and most recently in the rap game, Eminem.

With all of these break ups and new marriages in his rap career the folks at Monster should have known their marriage wouldn’t last past the first five years they were bound to by contract. That’s what’s happening now.

There was noticeably less hum in the Monster booth at CES about Beats by Dre. Since there was no (and isn’t usually any) HTC Booth at CES there was no place to officially promote Beats Audio, the Beats headphones and the Beats integration with some of the HTC devices.

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Five years ago Monster signed a partnership agreement with Beats Audio for the Beats line. They provided some marketing and the manufacturing, Beats supplied the design and the marketing muscle with Dr. Dre. That partnership led to Monster and Beats cornering 54% of the $1 billion dollar a year headphone market.

Back on August 10th it was announced that HTC would invest and partner with Beats By Dre, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to the tune of $300 million dollars.¬† It’s unclear what will happen to HTC’s investment or position within the Beats By Dre family when the contact with Monster isn’t renewed.

source: Businessweek via Phonearena

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