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Apple Posts Record Quarter, There Were Still More Android Devices

Apple shocked Wall Street and the media today as they posted their first post Steve Jobs era earnings.

Until this reported quarter Apple had never posted more than $30 billion dollars in revenue in any given quarter. In Q4 2011 Apple reported revenue of $46 billion dollars. Investors, Wall Street and the media were shocked when they beat analyst estimates of $38.19 billion dollars in revenue by 19%. Wow!

As Reuter’s reported, GigaOm’s Matthew Ingram called the numbers “Mind Boggling” while TechCrunch’s resident Apple freelancer MG Siegler went for the “Holy Shit” comment.

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Although the iPhone 4S wasn’t the upgrade that diehard Apple fanboys were looking for it certainly did well as they sold 37.04 million iPhones in the last quarter. iPad sales broke a record as well with 15.43 million sold in the last quarter.  That’s a combined total of 52.47 million iOS devices. That number does not take into consideration iPod touches, as far as we can tell. That number does take into consideration wifi only iPads.

In Google’s Q4 earnings call, Google CEO said that Android has sold over 250 million Android devices with cellular connectivity.  That 250 million figure does not include wifi only Android devices and devices running Android without the Android market or Google Apps. There are a lot of tablets and other MID devices in Asia and Europe without the Android market.

According to this story in the New York Times Apple has sold 183 million iPhones of all varieties since it’s release in 2007.  According to this story published in June Apple had sold 25 million iPads since launch.  Apple reported sales of 9.25 million iPads in Q3 2011.  Add that to the 15.43 million iPads sold in Q4 2011 and that’s a total of 49.63 million iPads sold to date. That’s a lot of iPads and good for a solid first place in the tablet market.

Add the 183 million iPhones to the 49.63 million iPads sold to date for a total of 232.63 million iPhones and iPads sold since their respective launches. That’s still shy of the 250 million Android devices sold since their launch a year after the iPhone went on sale. Android tablets went on sale a year after iPads went on sale as well.

Also take into consideration that Apple doesn’t count iPod Touches (again we are pretty sure of this) and Android only counts 3G/4G enabled Android devices and their number and even with a years lead Android, by sheer quantity, is still on top.

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