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App of the Week: Thumb


There are some fantastic apps out there, but some just stick out to me, and Thumb is one of them. When an app can tie a great UI, awesome functionality, and a reason to come back again and again all in one package, I feel like it’s worth getting an App of the Week.

Thumb is free in the Android Market, and was known previously as Opinionaided. Thumb is simple, in fact, the app is so simple, there are really only two things you can do with it: ask for other’s opinions and give your own. The point of the application and service is to get other user’s opinions on different questions you may have, and give your opinion on other questions. This actually works really well, and answers start coming in fairly quickly. Sure, it can vary, but most of the time I get at least 15 answers within the first minute of asking my question. Thumb is on multiple platforms, making the amount and type of users pretty broad. One of the reasons that answers come in so fast, is the app offers the idea of giving your opinion on things while waiting for answers on your own questions. This is a great idea, because in the time it takes to get some answers you can already have answered a ton yourself.

Everyone has their own personal account which has everything you’ve asked and answered logged and you can edit the usual things like profile pictures and first and last names. Another cool little feature is that everyone has a rating as to how good their “advice” is, and you can go through your log to see what others have rated you, and rate people that have given their opinions on your different questions. As far as all of my questions have gone, feedback comes very quickly and its usually pretty easy to figure out exactly what the community is thinking through additional comments on top of their “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

Thumb is an awesome application, and the UI just adds to the fun of using the app. Banners scroll nicely with the rest of the app, and everything is smooth and looks pretty when navigating the app. Getting instant feedback on your questions is awesome, and Thumb provides a welcome community that can give you what you’re looking for. Thumb by Opinionaided is free in the Android Market, and every Android owner should check it out. Check back with TheDroidGy for more awesome apps and the best coverage of CES 2012.

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