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Another Siri Clone Hits The Android Market: Meet Evi

A new voice response search application which answers questions in a real voice is here to take on Siri for Android. Not only that though, but the new app called Evi is also available to iOS devices predating the iPhone 4S which is the only iOS device to run Siri.

Evi is the product of a company called True Knowledge. When you query Evi it taps into the True Knowledge Answer Engine.

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In addition to being available on Android and earlier iPhone models Evi is also capable of delivering results in the UK. Siri gives the best answers about things related to the United States. Evi could be Siri’s international cousin.

According to this article at TechCrunch, Evi is better at putting information together. Mike Butcher tested Evi in two areas where she outperformed Siri. First he asked Evi about making an apple pie. Siri returned web results. Evi gave a list of Apple pie recipes.

Butcher than asked Evi who was President of the United States when Queen Elizabeth was the Queen of England. Siri prompted Butcher to perform a web search while Evi was able to find out when Queen Elizabeth was born, when she was a teenager and who was President of the United States during those times.

Evi does fall short in personal assistant tasks like creating reminders, checking calendars or adding events to calendars, but according to Butcher the company is constantly improving the app which is still currently in Beta.

source: TechCrunch via 9to5

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