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Android Tablets Already In The School Yard

There’s been a lot of talk about the iPad in the classroom with Apple’s ibooks news earlier this week. Tablet computers are starting to take up residency in classrooms across the country and while it may seem like a natural fit for the iPad, the Motorola Xoom has already  been in a pilot program.

According to our friends at Slash Gear, a San Diego high school is using the Motorola Xoom in math and science classes. Students are using the Xoom tablets for e-textbooks, multimedia, note taking and assignments via Google docs. This is a natural fit for the school district as the entire district is moving to Google Apps.

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“Motorola XOOM tablets were the most logical choice not only due to their highly usable design, but also due to the tight integration of the hardware with the Honeycomb OS; our district is moving to Android and applications such as Google Docs, so the Motorola XOOM was an ideal platform to be able to share capabilities across all devices for teachers and students alike” Bruce Cochrane, Executive Director of Pupil Services, San Dieguito Union High School District

Verizon Wireless is also testing a pilot program at East Orange High School in East Orange New Jersey. In their program all 480 students at East Orange are using the Samsung Galaxy Tab on a private network installed by Verizon Wireless to take the place of note taking, submitting assignments and text books.

Verizon Wireless, the school and Samsung put together a suite of applications that are part of the Galaxy Tabs at the school to make students more productive and to take place of the things they would typically carry in their book bags.

Finally, at the College level, our Apps Editor Elijah Ketchum talked with CourseSmart, a top e-textbook provider for multiple platforms, at CES. The CourseSmart app is available for iPad, Android and as HTML5. According to several of our followers on Twitter they are already using CourseSmart in college and saving a lot of money as well as aching backs. CourseSmart allows students to rent e-textbooks for the duration of their course.

Source: Slashgear , TDG


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