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Android: 250 Million Devices, 11 Billion App Downloads

While Google may have missed their Q4 mark with Wall Street analysts, Android had a good report on the Google earnings call.

Despite having double digit revenue, in the fourth quarter Google missed their per share target by $1.00. It was also revealed that almost all of Google’s revenue is coming from search. Of course that makes sense being that they are a search company but Google CEO Larry Page is looking to branch out.

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Although Android is free to OEM’s Google makes money from mobile search advertising. Google may also be looking to other possible revenue streams to come from Android if their proposed merger with Motorola Mobility goes through later this year.

Right now though Android’s numbers are looking great. Page revealed in the fourth quarter earnings call that there are currently 250 million Android devices out there and that over 11 billion apps have been downloaded.

Just a few weeks ago Google’s Android head, Andy Rubin, revealed that there were over 700,000 Android activations per day. Rubin took to his Google+ page to finally elaborate on that number and explained that the 700,000 activations are strictly Android devices with a 3G/4G cellular connection. That doesn’t take into consideration wifi tablets, Google TV devices with Honeycomb or any of these other hundreds of Android devices like these set top boxes.

The 700,000 Android activations per day and the 250 million Android devices in the world doesn’t account for unofficial Android devices either. Chinese, Japanese and even German firms are producing Android tablets and other devices without access to the Android Market or Google Apps, these devices aren’t counted either.

Page also announced that there were 3.7 million cellular enabled official Android devices activated over the holidays.

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