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Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing, AdMecha Will Explain At Android Homecoming

After getting tired of the day to day routine and blandness of standardized mobile advertising, three mobile marketers set out to create a new mobile advertising company that was less obtrusive to the end user of an app or game, and more rewarding for the developer.

For some developers, advertising has a bad rap and developers are some times scared that they will turn away their user base by having mobile ads. While that may be the case with some users, the bulk of the users will grin, bear and tolerate it. Now if you can take that advertising and turn it into more than just advertising, more people will stick around and the developer won’t have to worry.

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While their website only shows a number of results they’ve had so far, and a description of the company says that they plan on adding to developers pockets and adding to users lives, they promise to let onto some more of the secret in just under two weeks at the Android Homecoming.

Not only that but in their words they are promising “ridiculous” CPM’s and CPC’s. So what are you waiting for, find out more about AdMecha during the “from the bedroom to the boardroom” developer track at the Android Homecoming.

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**note. if you’ve been trying to book a room at the host hotel they just opened up another block so give them a call today!


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