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8 Bit Minicraft Comes To Android From The Creator Of Minecraft

Markus Persson the creator of the award winning cult classic 8 bit game Minecraft set out to create a new game with a similar feel last month. As Phandroid’s Kevin Krause reports, after 48 hours back on December 19th Minicraft was born.

Originally designed for the PC, Minicraft is based on a world controlled by the Air Wizard. Your character will collect items, build objects, fight zombies and more. When you get to the end you square off with the Air Wizard.

The game has been ported to Android by Folstad Consulting. It’s not an authorized port however Folstad goes out of the way to make sure that everyone knows it’s not their game. They just wanted people to enjoy the experience of Minicraft.

source: Phandroid Market Link

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