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42Mbps Verizon 4G LTE At Lucas Oil Stadium Ahead Of Superbowl 46

The world is preparing to converge on Indianapolis Indiana and Lucas Oil Stadium for Super Bowl 46. Verizon Wireless, the wireless partner for the NFL, is preparing for the hundreds of thousands of extra wireless signals on their network during the big game and the festivities preceding it.

Our good friend Josh Smith over at Gottabemobile (Desree song playing while I write this) was treated to a set up tour of Lucas Oil Stadium. Smith reports that Verizon Wireless has installed over 400 4G/LTE throughout the stadium. We’re sure that Verizon also has a whole farm’s worth of C.O.W.S. and G.O.A.T.S behind the stadium.

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While touring the facility smith was able to get 42mbps down and 19mbps upload. Now of course when the over 85,000 seats are filled the speeds won’t be nearly as high however Verizon Wireless is going to make sure that their on-site customer base has adequate signal to watch replays on their official NFL app, tweet updates to their friends and talks smack on their Facebook pages.

On the forward facing part of Verizon’s involvement with the Superbowl they’ve already announced that they will be streaming the big game to subscribers of their official NFL game. Through the Verizon Wireless app customers will be ale to see the game, more replays, score highlights player highlights and more.

While Verizon Wireless has huge special event teams that travel from city to city when major events happen to ensure signal for their customers, this time around they have a large team putting out the content as well.

Although the fans in the stands will be at the Super Bowl catching all the action, tens of thousands of them will be using Verizon Wireless and their Android powered smartphones to see even more of the game in the palm of their hand. The days of binoculars are over, they’ve been replaced by Android.

source: Gottabemobile

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