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Verizon Wireless Issues Fluff Statement To Employees On Galaxy Nexus Still No Official Date

On Thursday we (along with Russell Holly at broke the story that Verizon Wireless had received store stock of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We heard for a brief second last night that the Galaxy Nexus may come out today, but after vetting that turned out to be false.

Mums been the word from Verizon Wireless, a strategy that keeps them out of hot water with Android enthusiasts. In case you weren’t aware Verizon Wireless isn’t late, they have only said that the phone would arrive before the end of the year and as of yet I haven’t seen Seacrest drop the big apple.

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To curb their fiesty and customer focused employees enthusiasm for the Android 4.0 flagship device, has obtained this statement that Verizon released internally

“Rigorous device testing is part of our commitment to our customers. Verizon will not release a device until our highest standards have been met. We’ll announce the launch of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung as soon as it’s available.”

But wait.. there’s more…

Of course Verizon Wireless wants to test, retest and test again we know they do this with every phone however if you remember this story from Thursday, the store stock is shipped are stores going to have to send these phones back if their rigorous testing finds something not too kosher? Or is there something else going on?

source: Thevergepipe

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