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Verizon Wireless Handset Replacement For December 13th Shows No Sign Of Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Wireless corporate store employees were issued reset instructions for this week beginning Tuesday December 13th. While we are expecting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Thursday December 15th there is no sign of the Galaxy Nexus on the most recent reset instructions.

The biggest rumored launch date for the Galaxy Nexus was December 9th. That date has come and gone. We then heard a possibility of a launch Sunday the 11th but that was a very light lead and didn’t end up happening either.

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Most of the interwebs are now looking at a possible release date December 15th which is this Thursday.  We still have some faith left in that date.  In talking with some Verizon Wireless employees who received both this email and spreadsheet there are some very easy possible scenarios for quickly creating table, and wall space for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should it get the go ahead for launch on Thursday.

We’ve also seen proof from some stores and heard from others that most corporate stores have “sellable” stock quantities on hand.

Verizon issued a statement to employees late Friday in regards to the Galaxy Nexus basically indicating they were still testing the device. That didn’t seem to jive with the fact that store stock is already in stores. We’re hearing, and we’ve reported, that Google Wallet may be one of the major hold ups in launching the Galaxy Nexus.

It’s been reported to us that adding Google Wallet back into the Galaxy Nexus would only require an over the air software update.  It’s also been reported that new Galaxy Nexus owners will have an over the air update waiting for them as soon as they get their new device.

We’ll update you when we have a more solid date but you can at least hold your horses through Tuesday.

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