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Verizon 4G LTE Outage Hits Right Before Another Major Samsung Launch

Although it hasn’t been officially reported the major rumor of the week was that Verizon Wireless was delaying the as yet unannounced release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The rumored launch was supposed to happen on Friday December 9th.

Earlier today the interwebs were abuzz with yet more rumors that said the rumored Friday launch was off. We did not carry the original rumored story for reasons we identified here, however we did pick up the story of the rumored release dates rumored delay (did you follow that)?

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Having covered all that ground, Verizon is dealing with a 4G LTE outage today. Verizon had their first major 4G LTE outage on April 27th, a day before the Samsung Droid Charge was actually slated for release by Verizon. Unlike this time around with the Galaxy Nexus, Verizon had actually announced a release date of April 28th for the Droid Charge.

When the 4G LTE outage was discovered Verizon quickly announced that they were suspending all of their 4G LTE activations which included the delay of the Droid Charge.¬† While the 4G LTE network was up the next day, the Droid Charge didn’t make it back out to Verizon until mid May.

Verizon hasn’t had to say anything about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because they still haven’t officially given out a release date. Many still assume it will be Friday.

As far as the 4G LTE outage goes, some customers in 4G LTE markets are reporting they are getting no service at all, while others have been kicked back to 3G.

source: Androidcentral


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