Use Meporter To Report Your Holiday News This Weekend. Also They Have A Contest Announcement

Meporter paved the way for “you report the news” apps earlier this year when they arrived on the scene at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC.

Meporter is a relatively new app for Android that allows you to become a person on the street instant journalist. Many times when people see breaking news these days like car wrecks, fires, big gigantic sales, and other interesting events they take to Twitter and Facebook to “report” the news. Some folks will constantly update the news, like we did once last May during a big fire in San Francisco. Others prefer a few short paragraphs on their Facebook page.

More after the break plus Meporter is having a really cool contest!
Meporter allows you to report the news to the Meporter network with photos, videos and more. One of the cool things about Meporter is it allows others to come onto the same scene as “eye witnesses” and add their own account.

We’ve seen Meporter users report everything from fires, blizzards, rain storms, car accidents, missing children and more to other things like movies, yard sales, and their kids baseball games. Whatever you think is newsworthy can be reported to Meporter.

They’ve got exciting things in the works too, they’ve talked with some of the biggest traditional news outlets in the country about using Meporter to take news reporting even more local than it is already. Meporter can be alot more intimate and of course more social.

The best part is it’s free of course!  You can get started by clicking here for their market link.

Meporter has some other great news as well. Their Android guru, who most of the Android community knows already, Stephen Erickson (stericson), is also in charge of their social media. He let us know that Meporter is hosting their own contest where you could possibly win a $25 gift card to Best Buy.

All you have to do is circle Meporter on Google+ or like them on Facebook and there’s your chance to win. Also if you retweet the contest, you have another chance to win.

Their contest is happening all weekend long through December 27th. So go ahead and

Circle them on G+ here or like them on Facebook here.

In fact do both for two chances to win and don’t forget to Meport your holiday news this weekend!