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This Android Phone Is Coming To Verizon Wireless Tomorrow

While we are pretty confident that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t coming to Verizon Wireless tomorrow, the white Motorola Droid Razr is.

White phones are very very popular adding a white version to the best currently available Android phone on Verizon Wireless can only be a combination for success. Customers can purchase the white Droid Razr beginning tomorrow for $299 on a new two year agreement.

The $100 off a Xyboard promotion is also available to those who choose to buy the Motorola Droid Razr in the new color.

The incredibly thin Droid Razr is an Android superphone with it’s 4.3″ superAMOLED screen, Kevlar coated casing and Gorilla glass. The Droid Razr is also the flagship phone for Motorola’s reissued webtop accessories including a really cool HD dock that comes with a remote control that dubs as a cordless phone.

Are you picking up a white Droid Razr tomorrow or are you a glutton for punishment and still awaiting that Galaxy Nexus?

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