The Crazy Fast Paced Puzzler, Riot Rings Is Now Available For Android

Cervo Media has released their crazy addictive, fast paced puzzler, Riot Rings to the Android Market.  With over 100 levels this game is sure to keep you busy, and it does.

Riot Rings is a puzzle game. When you’re playing the game you are in the middle and you need to throw little animals at the same animal to make groups of three. When you do those animals clear your “ring” and once all the rings are cleared the board is cleared and you advance.

There are timing bonuses and bonuses for things like chain reactions and consecutive clearing.

Sounds easy enough right? Well it’s what Cervo Media has done with the rings that make each board uniquely different and the game play interesting.  Some of the rings pulsate, sometimes you have to clear multiple rings at one time and others you think you’ve cleared the board but then another ring appears.

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As you’re clearing the rings the game is adding more animals or other obstacles to the ring to make it harder.

The game is free until you get to a level in the mid 30’s. At that point you are prompted to either go to the Android Market and pay for the rest of the levels, or wait until the next day to play again.  All of the levels will set you back just $.99 which of course isn’t bad.

Game Features:

• Over 100 unique stages of fun, hours of entertainment!

• Awesome, classic game play with unique ideas & twists like the evil bees or the flying hambone!

• 3 game play modes: The Campaign, Zen Mode and Free Play

• Hilarious characters and vivid presentation!

• Profiles – Your girl/boyfriend wants to play too? No need to delete your progress!

• Also new in this version: The always available Rocket Rings!

Check it out in the Android Market here