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Sprint Says They Are Still On Track For LTE In 2013

Earlier this year Sprint laid out their Network Vision plan to take Sprint’s Now Network into the future. Sprint was the first carrier to roll out something called “4G” with their WiMax service, a joint venture with ClearWire for which the own more than fifty percent.

While WiMax is fast, it appears that as analysts predicted, 4G/LTE has become the standard for 4G.  Verizon Wireless has the the biggest 4G/LTE footprint so far, dwarfing AT&T’s LTE rollout which is still under 20 markets.

Sprint shocked many this fall when they announced that they were going to start rolling out 4G Advanced LTE. Originally a deal was announced with LightSquared, a Northern Virginia based start up that is having problems with the FCC and their network interfering with GPS satellites.  In the 11th hour it became clear that Sprint would reinvest with Clearwire and partner with them for 4G/LTE. Clearwire has reportedly tested the LTE Advanced and received theoretic download speeds of 100 mbps.

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Sprint’s Network Vision isn’t totally about 4G/LTE. The entire vision is to enhance their entire network for the benefit of the customer. In a press release on Tuesday Sprint highlighted some of the performance enhancements on their current 3G network:

  • Faster data speeds that enable instant web access for news updates, HD viewing and game-playing, quicker video downloads and clear video chats
  • Better signal strength when making a call or using the web
  • Fewer dropped calls for peace of mind when talking to friends, family or colleagues

“With the network investments we made in 2011 and as the only national wireless carrier to offer truly unlimited data plans while on the Sprint network, we continue to offer better value than Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.” said Bob Azzi, SVP – Network, Sprint. “But our commitment to an exceptional wireless experience doesn’t stop there. Sprint’s on an aggressive path to roll out Network Vision, and in collaboration with our partners, have already achieved many significant milestones that offer improved customer experience on the Sprint 3G network, and we expect to maintain and even accelerate this momentum in 2012.”

This fall Sprint became the third U.S. carrier to carry the iPhone. Unlike AT&T and Verizon though, Sprint decided to maintain their “unlimited data” plans for their customers and make that the value proposition to get an iPhone on Sprint’s network.

Sprint also made a transition from iDen based direct connect to their own direct connect service on Sprint’s network. Sprint released the Motorola Admiral which is the first direct connect phone on their in house 3G network.

We’re looking forward to Sprint’s 4G/LTE and the prospect that it will be significantly faster than the 4G/LTE network on Verizon and AT&T.

source: Sprint via Sprint Feed

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