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Samsung Releases Third “Next Big Thing” Commercial

While Samsung and Apple are battling it out in courtrooms all over the world, Samsung’s advertising agency is doing battle right in Apple’s backyard and on tv sets all over the country.

Samsung has released their third commercial in the “Next Big Thing” series.  The commercials in the series are all shot in front of an Apple store with people waiting in line for the next big thing.  The newest commercial takes us to “Boston, MA” where people have already been online for 36 hours.

A man with a Samsung Galaxy S II walks by the crowd in line and the crowd starts talking to him. At one point one of the guys waiting in the “iPhone” line says that he is standing in line so he can have all his videos and music in one place. Mr. Galaxy S II points out that he can get his music from the cloud and movies from multiple sources.

Check it out for yourself.

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