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On Track Diabetes, An Android App My Mom Is Glad I’m Using

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes 12 years ago. Long nights in commercial radio and mountain dews by the two liter caused my blood sugar to spin out of control.

For the first few years I paid really close attention to everything the doctors said, than like many type II diabetics with busy lives I kind of thought I had it under control with diet. I watched my carbs, switched to diet soda, tried to exercise a bit, and thought it was handled.

That theory came crashing down last month when I was hospitalized with a blood sugar over 600. I hadn’t been feeling great that week but then I just about collapsed before finally going to the ER.  Now the ER was using some primitive glucometers made by Palm but that’s a different story.

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This is the Android Market screen shot and not my personal results

It was that night that I realized I needed to get this diabetes back under control. I went back on medication and I also went back to taking my blood sugar 3 times a day.  I just didn’t have the time or patience to keep up with a little notebook. That’s where On Track came in.

Now I downloaded 5 different diabetes tracking apps but On Track is the one I use everyday three times a day no matter what.

On Track lets you customize everything to what you need. Now it’s not one of those new Mhealth meters that shoots bluetooth readings to your Android phone but it definitely does a great job.  For my personal settings I have a field for reading, food, medication, and exercise.

Food is measured in carbs which sometimes I wish had a text field so I can enter what I actually ate but carbs will do for now. The others are self explanatory.

The output data is thorough to say the least. There is a graph available for every possible measurement, straight glucose readings, glucose and meds, time of day, average glucose readings and the list goes on and on.

You can also export your readings into an excel file, html file or csv file so you can manage them on the computer.  Once daily I send my “log” to myself so I have it on all my devices. I also have a very close person in my life who agreed to be my diabetes sponsor so I send them the log too.

The app is very well designed and I can easily see an older person or young person using it. In fact one of my older uncles who has an Android phone and diabetes himself is using the same app.

Best of all it’s free and here’s the market link.

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