Nuance: When You Can’t Sue It, Buy It

Nuance, probably the biggest name in voice to text, speech recognition technology on Android smartphones, had a hate hate relationship with competitor Vlingo for quite some time.  Over the years Nuance has sued Vlingo several times over patent infringement. In fact at one time Nuance had four lawsuits against Vlingo while at the same time Vlingo had one against Nuance.

Nuance has now announced that they’ve acquired Vlingo.

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The deal is done however the terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to TechCrunch Vlingo was said to be the “Siri for Android”.  Nuance also has smart voice to text technology. Nuance technology is featured in the latest release of the “Genius Button” on the T-Mobile MyTouch devices.

Although Apple hasn’t disclosed the technology partner in it’s Siri software it’s been widely believed to be Nuance technology.

With the merger of these two forces in voice to text technology they will be able to collaborate with both companies research and development departments.

Nuance is one of the gold sponsors of the Android Homecoming event February 10th-12th in Mountain View California. Nuance will be on hand all weekend long demonstrating their most recent technologies. They will also be featured in a panel discussion on maximizing app potential.

source: TechCrunch

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