NTSB Lobbying To Ban Cell Phones In Cars All Together?

After a horrible accident involving a pick up truck, two school buses and a 19 year old driver who sent out 11 text messages in 11 minutes, causing two fatalities, the National Transportation Safety Board has stepped up their efforts to encourage legislation that would just about outlaw phone use in cars (by the driver) all together.

The National Transportation Safety Board doesn’t actually make laws. They do investigate all major accidents involving transportation and legislators listen to their recommendations.

The ban the NTSB is recommending involves all aspects of phone operation not contributing to the operation of a motor vehicle. That paves the way for GPS functionality.  There is legislation at the state level that bans both using a cellular phone without a hands free device and text messaging.

Don’t get into panic mode just yet, as we said above the NTSB can’t make legislation and laws against phones all together would be hit hard by the lobbyists of cell phone carriers, and manufacturers. Also state governments want the ability to regulate this issue at a local level.

Naturally safety should be job one but with voice activated commands, hands free operation and other distracted driving apps the manufactures, carriers and app developers are taking this issue just as seriously.

source: phonearena