Next Media Animation: Steve Jobs Reaction To ITC’s HTC Ruling

Earlier this week the International Trade Commission released their final judgement in the Apple vs. HTC patent case. The ITC made a preliminary ruling in July of this year that HTC had infringed on two of Apple’s patents pertaining to smartphones.

The ITC handed down their official ruling on Monday, again finding that HTC was in violation of two of Apple’s patents. HTC quickly responded indicating that they would take steps to remove the violating patents, presumably in a software update.

If HTC should fail to get a work around in place by April 12, 2012 then they could face a ban of the importation and sales of their smartphones that violate the two Apple patents.

Next Media’s animations are not in English but in this case you certainly get the point. Whether you side with Android or Apple the video is still pretty funny stuff.

source: NMA Youtube

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