New App From PocketCloud Let’s You Search Your Everything

WYSE has been a name in the technology world for what seems like eons. We all remember going to the library and looking up books on monochrome WYSE machines. WYSE has always had a way to find information.

Today WYSE has announced their newest breakthrough in the world of information called PocketCloud Explore.

PocketCloud Explore is actually a pretty simple idea that no one has been able to get right. Until now.

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Have you ever went to visit family or friends and wanted to show off a special photo only to find that you can’t locate it? Then you remember, it’s on your laptop or tablet back home? Well that’s where PocketCloud Explore comes in. PocketCloud Explore allows you to search your entire everything, well at least everything you have digitally. PocketCloud Explore let’s you search your laptop, desktop, tablet, primary phone, work phone, even your kids phones if you want it to.

Don’t get PocketCloud Explore confused with a cloud based service where you need to upload your files to a cloud to download them later. PocketCloud Explore uses remote access to search every device you have, device side not cloud side.

Here are some of PocketCloud’s features:

•          Search and browse all files and folders on your computers and Android devices

•          Unlimited copying and moving of video, image, and audio files between Mac or Windows computers and Android devices

•          Open remote files in the app viewer or edit in your choice of Android apps

•          Create and delete folders and rename or delete documents

•          Open a remote computer file from Android email client and send as attachment

PocketCloud Explore is available now in the Android Market here for just $.99 for the first 1000 downloads, after that it will cost just $4.99.

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