MetroPCS CFO: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Likely To Fail

BGR is reporting today that MetroPCS CFO J. Braxton Carter has said that AT&T’s proposed $39 billion dollar merger with T-Mobile is likely to fail. Someone please send a memo to Mr. Carter and let him know that at 10:00 pm at night it’s likely to be dark.

What was the first indication for this brilliant and profound statement? Was it the attorney generals mounting up against the merger? Was it Dan Hesse’s constant speaking out against the merger? Was it the Department of Justice lawsuit against the merger?


Maybe it was FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski requesting an administrative hearing about the meger?  No? Perhaps it was AT&T and Deutsche Telekom withdrawing the merger application from the FCC?  Still no? Maybe it was the massive report prepared by the FCC declaring that most of AT&T’s proposed statements about the merger were false? Still no? Ok BGR tell us what brilliance Carter had into the merger likely failing:

Carter spoke at the UBS investor conference in New York City today and said:

 “almost kind of moot at this point given the intense opposition by the government.”

there you have it, more at the source