It’s Always Tough Breaking Up, But Today I Will With HTC

Dear HTC,

I am your biggest fan, how, as time goes on am I thinking it’s for no good. I went through 6 Dash’s, 2 Wing’s, 1 Dash2, 3 G1’s, 1 MyTouch3G, 1 Nexus One, 1 MyTouch4G, and am now using an Amaze. That’s alot of HTC products that I love/hate but keep using. However with all relationships there comes a time where things may end…and I believe this is it.

I keep defending your products to everyone that has jumped ship and every time they ask why am I still so in love with HTC. I think tonight may be our last night together. You are forcing me to use Sense and no longer Android on my devices. The inablility to flash kernels the CORRECT way. Don’t even get me started on my 4 hour battery on the Amaze with little use. I keep coming up with excuses to my friends and those who ask why I’m still using HTC products, but I can’t any more. I can’t talk about your great battery life, like 29 hours of heavy use on the Nexus One, the great keyboard you had on the G1… But you have nothing any more. Even your great screen, I will not even go into how many times I wanted to throw my phone because the screen wouldn’t recognize my fingers.

I will sadly be looking in to replacing my Amaze with a Samsung Galaxy S 2 as soon as I’m able to. I’m sorry it had to end it, I love you so much, but there comes a time when all things end, and this is when we do.

Love Forever,


4 Replies to “It’s Always Tough Breaking Up, But Today I Will With HTC”

  1. I have had about 4 different HTC Android devices since 2008 and I have never had a reason to switch to another manufacturer. HTC products are dependable and well crafted.

  2. i share your feelings man. i plan to move away from HTC as soon as Sprint comes with their first vanilla ice cream sandwich phone, which I’m convinced won’t be an HTC phone

  3. Good call. I love my SGSII. And with CM9 right around the corner, this device is going to smoke the competition! 

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