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ITC’s HTC Decision Delayed Until Monday

The International Trade Commission was supposed to make it’s final ruling Wednesday on whether or not HTC violated two of Apple’s patents in many of their Android powered smartphones. The ITC made a preliminary internal ruling on July 15th, in favor of Apple.

HTC escaped another ITC ruling in regards to two patents held by a former subsidiary of Apple. The ITC ruled that HTC hadn’t violated two patents pertaining to cameras.

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If the ITC’s final ruling echos their preliminary ruling it could be very bad for HTC. The decision could ultimately bring upon a ban of the importation of HTC devices in the United States. Fifty percent of HTC’s revenue comes from US sales.

On the other hand, if the ITC rules in favor of HTC it could pave the way for more positive rulings for HTC and other Android device manufacturers.

Bonnie Chang an analyst with Yuanta Securities told Reuters today:

“We hope the ruling will come as soon as possible so we can predict where the bottom is and whether there will be a settlement, and then we can have a better view of HTC’s fundamentals in the coming one year.”

source: Reuters via FierceWireless

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