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Iconosys Introduces: New Years Buzzer For Android

It’s time for another holiday, which of course means it’s time for another Iconosys app. Iconosys does an awesome job with apps focused around the holidays that are great for the whole family, which is why we find ourselves writing about each and everyone of them.

This isn’t like Angry Birds which uses a holiday to release more birds, or levels, each of Iconosys’ apps centers around something important to every age group.  Their most recent apps; Christmas Tree Lot Finder, All I Want From Santa, Hanukkah Wish List App and Twinkle The Star of Bethlehem all served a unique, different, and interactive purpose for the Android user.

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The New Years Buzzer gives the user a countdown to the new year. It also has a multifaceted New Years resolution application within the app. With the resolution portion of New Years Buzzer you can write out your New Years Resolution(s), save them, track them and share them for moral support.

Other features include:
•    New Year’s Buzzer™ uses proprietary technology to integrate and maximize the app’s social reach by giving the user the ability to send simultaneous Happy New Year’s wishes to anyone and everyone in their contacts list.  Everyone gets to feel that they were the most important person to that New Year’s Buzzer user.

•    The app user can place and track their 2012 New Year’s resolutions.  A daily tracking prompt is presented where the user can confirm that they kept their personal commitment to bettering themselves.  Celebratory congratulations are given each day where the resolution is kept.

•    New Year’s Buzzer™ keeps an attractive New Year’s countdown running as a service in the background and resets for 2013 after the new year.

•    At 10 seconds to New Year’s, the phone wakes, strobes, and a huge crowd counts down with you and your party until the stroke of midnight.

•    Send an e-card to your friends and loved ones, all day long on New Year’s Day, right from your device.

•    New Year’s Buzzer™ is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The New Years Buzzer is available in the Android Market or here for free.

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