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Iconosys Brings Twinkle The Star Of Bethlehem To Android Just In Time For Christmas

As you go through your Christmas eve today and you’re thinking about what to read your children before bed time and before Santa arrives, the great folks at Iconosys have brought the great holiday book “Twinkle The Star of Bethlehem” to Android devices using Iconosys’ appsbook for Android platform.

If you’ve got school age or younger children and you’re not familiar with Iconosys, you should be. They are the same company that has brought the mega hit apps Trick or Trackr (GPS tracking for your kids with a halloween twist that can be used year round), Christmas Tree Lot Finder, All I want From Santa and the Hanukkah wish list app to Android.

Iconosys also covers the teenage set with a distracted driving app as well.

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“Twinkle The Star of Bethlehem” is the first AppBook from Iconosys. They plan on releasing several AppBooks. Iconosys CEO Wayne Irving describes the AppBook concept:

“AppBooks allow us to more effectively integrate audio, gaming, animation, and a sense of connection between the author and the reader … all places where we think we make an improvement on existing e-book technology.¬† Iconosys…”

Jennifer Hope Webster the CEO of summarizes the story of “Twinkle The Star of Bethlehem::

“a fabulous book retelling the greatest story ever told from an entirely new perspective of “Twinkle,” as the Star of Bethlehem. Twinkle doesn’t himself realize that he has a significant purpose for Christ’s birth… as he is soon to be shining over the stable on Christmas morning. Indeed, we all have a purpose! A positive message. This new AppBook’s pages are dynamic in color, adventuresome, purposeful, and created for children of all ages. A Christmas Book, keep the Bible stories alive with Twinkle, the Star of Bethlehem.”

Twinkle, The Star of Bethlehem, is available for a limited time from the Android Market at this link

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