Holiday Gift Guide: Neo TV NTV200 The Stocking Stuffable Set Top Box

Netgear recently added a newer smaller device to it’s neotv unit to it’s line up of set top boxes. The NTV200 is a small compact set top streaming box that has come down in price since it’s release. The size of it makes it perfect as a stocking stuffer and for traveling.

While many sites have said it’s no more than a streaming box we could see a real use for the Neo TV NTV200 for college student dorm rooms, and travelers who want to make sure they have their favorite streaming apps in an HDMI ready device.

We keep talking about the size, how big is it exactly? Try 4.4 inches square so not much bigger than some of the newer smartphones.

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 It can connect to the internet via ethernet or wifi and comes with a remote control.  It also has an Android app here that can be used to control the box should you lose the remote.

The Neo TV NTV200 is packed with content provided by your favorite online streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, Youtube, TED, Revision3, CNN, CNet and more.

The other great benefit to the Neo TV NTV200 is it’s extremely, and we mean extremely easy to use it’s plug and play at it’s finest. It’s like this if you can find a power outlet, internet source and HDMI input on your TV you’re in business.  Several reviewers across the interwebs agreed that it’s great for travel. And of course at 4.4 inches square you can throw it in a stocking this year.

Get it here from Amazon:

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