Holiday Gift Guide: Glider Gloves [VIDEO]

By now every Android device has a capacitive touch screen and if you haven’t noticed, capacitive touch screens can be a bit of a problem in cold weather situations. Normal, warm gloves don’t allow you to use your fingers to maneuver about your screens.

Companies like Sensoglove and Isotoner have come up with some fashionable wearable glove solutions. The problem with those gloves though is that the only place that the touchscreen responds too is the fingertips. As we know, especially in cold situations, we may need to use other parts of our hands to navigate our touch screen devices.

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That’s where Glider Gloves come in. Glider Gloves are made in Canada where they know a thing or two about cold weather.  The Glider Gloves touch screen active fabric is throughout the entire glove. So if you fingers are still so cold you need to hold your hand in  a ball you can use the back of your hand to navigate your touch screen.

You can use your palm, your wrist, the backs of your fingers, two fingers and more. In fact you can still do full on gestures with the Glider Gloves, something we’ve had trouble with, with Glider Gloves competition.

The Glider Gloves come in different thicknesses as well as three different colors, black, pink and this grey color we demoed here in the video.

So now that we’ve talked about the Glider Gloves main function, touch screen operation, we need to talk about a bonus feature. The Glider Gloves come with an extra grip surface that makes it really easy to hold onto a device even in cold temperatures that often cause condensation which makes phones slippery.

Yup with Glider Gloves you don’t have to be away from your Android device even on the slopes.

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