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Hasbro Finally Sues Asus Over Transformer Name

We all know that with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Transformer prime, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. That and the fact that they used the word “transformer” was bound to make the coffers at Hasbro a little upset. We’re just surprised it took this long.

We were actually happy to find a lawsuit involving Android that didn’t involve the words patent, or Apple. Wednesday it was revealed that Hasbro has sued Asus over their use of the word Transformer.  Hasbro is hoping to hault the sales and import of the Asus Transformer Prime tablet which has been available for pre-order on American websites like, and for a few weeks now.

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The lawsuit of course alleges that people may confuse autobots and decepticons with a ten inch Android tablet, yes we see the confusion (sarcasm).  Hasbro has held the trademark on Transformers since they introduced the robot toys that “transform” from robots to cars, trucks and even guns (Megatron).

Asus chose the name Transformer to reflect the fact that it transforms from a netbook esque device to an Android tablet.

We find it very hard to believe that Hasbro will be granted any actual injunction. Asus may end up having to pay Hasbro a butt load of money or change the name of tablet.

source: phonearena

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