Google+ Receiving Update In “A Few Days” With More Hangout Features

One of the features that has been missing from the Google+ app for quite a while now is Hangouts. In a previous update, however, Google finally added this feature, bringing joy to the hearts of many nerdy video-chatters. Now Google has completed the package by updating Google+ for Android to allow users to initiate Hangouts right from their phone.

Up until this point, even though you could join Hangouts via mobile devices, you still had to initiate them from a desktop computer. While this wasn’t a huge pain, Hangouts was still a pretty limited feature lacking its full potential. Google has sought to end this limitation with success. Hangouts are started from Messenger, and the UI is still the same when hanging out, making it all an easier process. The Google+ update will be coming soon to the Android Market, with¬†Google Hangouts, completely this time. Stay tuned for more from TDG on app updates and much more.