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Google Currents Launches As Google’s New Flipboard-style Reader

Today, Google announced on their blog that they are launching their newest product, Google Currents. Google currents is a news and RSS reader, that allows you to view all kinds of different stories in a Flipboard-style layout. If you’re unfamiliar with Flipboard, it is an iPad application that shows users a news feed in a newspaper-ish layout, allowing readers to flip to different stories. Google Currents is sort of like this, but does things a little differently.

Google Currents has over 150 publishers that they have partnered with (all with free subscriptions), and when you view a feed in your “library” the source’s content is broken up into different organized sections based on the web versions of the site. For example, if you’re viewing a tech site, it may show different sections like news, reviews, apps, etc. This offers an organization that services like Google Reader cannot, giving users a reason to use Currents specifically. The UI is pretty awesome, and your sources sync between all devices. Google Currents is available in the Market for free for both tablets and phones. Google launched Currents for Android and iOS side by side, most likely to get a user base from the jump. Google will continue to get partners for the service, enriching the experience for all, and I personally am really like the service so far. It offers something similar to your everyday reader, but changes things up enough to keep you coming back. Check out the video below for a tour of Currents straight from Google.


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